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hello! im kipper! they/any! AuDHD + BPD

i hope u enjoy ur stay :P

im 20, in college, lalalala. i love media! i am a slave to consumption!!!! i love going to therapy and taking my meds like a normal person. i am an internet cyber zombie ! ! !

i love my boyfriend + friends (> _ <)

i am a baby coder. idk how 2 do this! i am in college to become an elementary school teacher!!!not compsci!!!! so if anything is messy.....ooooooppppppsssssss. anyways this is just 4 funsies also cuz i HATE PAYING FOR CARRD PRO!!!! RAAGH!!!!!


WILL :3 KIPCORD! SILLYCORD! dia, anzu, kleo, rae, kayla, negan, nati, ollie, boba, mal, izzy, three, mango, dante, dusty, lee, jay, & SO MANY MORE!

i will remember to put more stuff here!!!!


silent hill, aitsf, idol games (bandori,llsif,d4dj,idolm@s) vocaloid, valorant, persona (3 specifically!), ace attorney, yttd, tf2, portal, dislyte, umineko, touhou, twisted wonderland, mirai nikki, revue starlight, tokrev, rascal does not dream, marvel & dc comics, tloz, splatoon, (WIP) ♪(´▽`)

my autisms!

league of legends, oc/canon & self-inserting, fnaf, danganronpa, borderlands, dhmis, kuroshitsuji, oyasumi punpun, higurashi, nier, deep sea biology ♪(´▽`)

power lizzie and ciel ouran bandori drv3
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